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"Being BEa is a heartfelt and practical addition to any child’s library. Designed to help children understand their own emotions, improve their self-esteem, and build a coping toolbox, this easy to use workbook is beautifully written and illustrated. As a child psychologist, I am looking forward to incorporating this workbook into my own resource library. The online worksheets that compliment the book are also useful and enjoyable for children and parents to access together. The positive messages incorporated throughout Being BEa can help both children and parents understand that we all have a little superhero within us, and we just need a reminder of our own inner tools and resiliency that can help bring  that superhero out." 

Jamie Marie Duggan, Ph.D. Psychologist

"What an amazing resource to support the social-emotional learning we undertake every day at school. The fact that the activities are embedded in the story makes it tangible for our kids, and I love the amazing techniques that are incorporated. Mindfulness, gratitude, and self-care to name a few, all presented in a bright, fun and accessible way. Thank you!"

Kayleigh Donovan, Elementary Resource Teacher

"This book is a true gem! We often hear about concepts like mindfulness, mantras and using breath to help us in various ways, what we love is how this book takes it the step further to tell you HOW to do these things, how to bring them into real life situations to help build confidence and ease anxieties. The way it does this covers every type of learner with visual cues & beautiful artwork, physical things you can do, and auditory elements which will help it's messages reach a huge spectrum of children (& adults!). It breaks through emotional barriers that are standing in the way of allowing them to embrace and share their truest selves! This will be kept at arms length for the duration of our childrens’ childhood at minimum!!! Bravo!"

Jessica Aflalo & Lauren Segal, Co-Founders of REC on Demand & Book- R.E.C.S

"This book is truly exceptional. It’s a one of a kind book that encompasses so many of the tools and strategies we as clinicians try to put into place with our clients. It is done in a creative and expressive way that illustrates the tools in an age appropriate perspective for our younger clients. It truly allows them to really grasp the meaning behind each theory. I cannot wait to continue to use it with my clients and my own children.“

Deborah Levy MSW, T.S., Clinical Social Worker

"Being Bea is an excellent interactive book that takes you on a little girl’s journey of overcoming obstacles that most children experience. I use this book regularly with my clients and not only do they love the main character, Bea, but they identify with her as well. When my client’s see Bea overcome her worries, they learn that they can do so also. This book provides fantastic visual tools and techniques that keep my clients engaged and are easy for them to follow and practice on their own. I highly recommend this book for any child struggling with worries, anxiety and/or fears and can use a boost in their self-confidence."

Andrea Davidson MSW, T.S., Clinical Social Worker & School Counsellor

"BEing BEa is one of my favourite resources to use when working with school aged children on self esteem and growth mindset. The story is relatable and the worksheets are colourful and fun to use. This is a great book to help teach our kids that they too can overcome their worries and build self confidence... just like BEa!"

Robyn Schreter, MA , Counsellor 

"There is no book I have come across like this. It’s extremely unique and incredibly useful. It gives the reader such a good understanding of how to talk to their kids. This book gave me an opportunity to have talks with my 5 year oId girls which otherwise I may not have had." 

Jaclyn Mestel, Psychotherapist

"This book is amazing and I can’t wait to use it with my students. I feel it will help students self-regulate and be successful. The book itself is visually stimulating. It gives specific tools to help children build their self-esteem and their self-confidence. I liked that the students can personalize their experiences and use emoji’s to express their feelings. The main character, Bea, works on being confident, being great, and being awesome, which is what we want for all our students."

Tammiy Penn, B.A., B.Ed, Resource Educator & Behavioural Specialist

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